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Beyond the mostly hidden modern comforts of Albert Einstein, you have absolutely no idea what century you are in. Yes, relax. 


A Charming Irish Cottage

Warm & comfortable with a

fabulous fireplace

Ralph Lauren would approve.

Most cottages in Ireland today are purpose-built as rentals and lack history. Ours and our family are steeped in it and you will be as well.

Our holiday home rental offers a unique experience and you will be welcomed as guests and not just left to fend for yourselves, unless it is quiet seclusion that you desire.




An Historical, Rather Luxurious

Bed & Breakfast

As personal guests of Melanie, Desmond, Angela and Gordon, staying at Glenlohane is something special. It suits those who want a real, preserved,

days-of-old-Irish experience, those who want to unwind and decompress, and all while being in the best location for day trips in Ireland’s Scenic Southwest.

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